Apples and Bananas Infused Pre-rolls


CBD Content: 13.18% / 131.83mg
Total Cannabinoids: 21.94% / 219.4mg


Apples and Bananas Infused Pre-rolls

Buy Apples and Bananas Infused Pre-rolls Online. Cookies Hemp Smokes are the perfect pack, stuffed with only premium CBD and CBG flowers in flavors inspired by your favorite Cookies strains, never shake or trim.

Apples and Bananas Hemp Smokes combine flavor and aroma reminiscent of baked apple pie and banana pudding. Enjoy the slow-burning, fast-acting Delta 8 smokes any time of day for a blissful smoking experience.

Sativa Hybrid 

600mg+ delta 8 per pack

0% nicotine

0% Tobacco

Zero traceable THC

CBD & CBG flower 


Ingredients: CBD hemp flower, Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta 8 ), terpenes

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