Banana OG Crumble Europe

20.00Per Gram

THC level is 25%


Banana OG Crumble Europe

Buy Banana OG Crumble Europe Online – The smell of banana peels and Christmas pine trees is what you get with Banana OG Weed Strain. The taste is also like bananas and some people report a cinnamon taste. This is an Indica dominant cross 70:30 Indica/Sativa hybrid between Banana X OG Kush.

Banana OG offers a mellow buzz that sets in quickly. It affects mainly the body so your mind will relax but still be very functional. The overall mellowing effect can help with reducing stress and anxiety. If you use large amounts of this cannabis, it is going to make your eyelids very heavy. Large amounts can also result in couch lock. It is a good choice for reducing muscle pain and inflammation.


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