Buy Cherry OG Shatter – Hybrid

20.00Per Gram

Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Focused, Tingly, Euphoric
May Relieve: Stress, Depression, Inflammation, Pain, Lack of Appetite
Flavors: Berry, Sweet, Pine, Sour, Diesel
Aromas: Sour, Cherry, Fruity


Buy Cherry OG Shatter – Hybrid

Buy Cherry OG Shatter – Hybrid Online Europe – Cherry OG Shatter is a hybrid cannabis strain crossbred with Cherry Thai, Afghani, and Lost Coast OG. Cherry OG strain gives off a fruity cherry aroma and expresses more sour and diesel-like flavors.

A 50/50 Indica, sativa this strain provides a strong head high, helping with mental energy and social settings. The head buzz is ideal for focusing on tasks and getting tasks completed, offering a consistently balanced high with very little burnout. A great Weed strain for being active and getting outdoors, allowing you to zone out and enjoy the moment. Cherry OG shatter is best consumed during the daytime or evening and should be avoided before bed as it causes an alert sensation.


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