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Buy Cherry Pie Kief Hash

Buy Cherry Pie Kief Hash Online – Cherry Pie is an indica dominant hybrid that was developed by crossing Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison weed strain. In keeping with its name, Cherry Pie smells of sweet and sour cherries, with a touch of vanilla.

Along with these mouth-watering aromas, Cherry Pie provides users with a strong, euphoric rush that will uplift moods and refocus thoughts and attention. As this strain produces mental clarity and alertness, it also relaxes the body, allowing muscular tension to ease.

The effects of this medical cannabis strain are known to set in quite rapidly – lasting for several hours – making it a wonderful strain to treat medicinal alignments. Cherry Pie has been used to treat anxiety, stress, PTSD, bipolar disorder, as well as muscular stiffness, chronic pain, and migraines.


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