Buy Lemon Skunk – THC Distillate



Buy Lemon Skunk – THC Distillate

Buy Lemon Skunk – THC Distillate Online Europe – A hybrid of various Skunk phenols, Lemon Skunk – sometimes called Lemon Skunk OG – is vibrantly orange, green, and voluminous buds. Expect zesty lemons, soothing citrus, and skunky, earthy flavors & aromas every time you light this bud up or drop some of its concentrated THC distillate. Lemon Skunk THC Distillate combines all the flavors you’re after with the potency levels you need to reach the highs you’re after.

Lemon Skunk buds are typically in the moderate-low THC levels, but Lemon Skunk THC Distillate takes it up a notch. Expect a happier, uplifting high that might want to make you run, jump and frolic. As always, use caution when taking THC distillates for the first time – these super-concentrated forms of THC can sneak up on you if you’re not prepared for a total mind & body high.


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