Buy Master Kush Hash by Tegridy Farms

16.00Per Gram


Buy Master Kush Hash by Tegridy Farms

Buy Master Kush Hash by Tegridy Farms Online – If you love hash and appreciate the craft and the artistry that goes into producing what is the best Domestic hash then there is a lot in a name. Now add Master Kush and there are standards to live up to!…turns out they were onto something 🙂

This is a creamy, beautiful-smelling hash that the guys at Tegrity Farms can be proud of! A delicious Indica leaning hybrid that is a cross of two Hindu Kush weed Strain with a subtly sweet, earthy diesel citrus spicy aroma Expect a deep sense of calm and relief from pain and stress. Even the non-hash smokers in the office love the aroma. The high is instant and the effect is deeply relaxing along with euphoria in the mind that leads straight to couchlock and sleepiness if you smoke too much.


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