Buy Pai Gow Resin Budder

20.00Per Gram

80.42% THC


Buy Pai Gow Resin Budder

Buy Pai Gow Resin Budder Online Europe – Pai Gow is a potent sativa-dominant hybrid strain made by crossing Super Silver Haze with Critical Jack. This strain produces hard-hitting effects that result in a cerebral high.

Upon first hit, Pai Gow will make you feel creative, motivated, and inspired. Continued use of this weed strain will send you to the sofa as your body begins to relax. Because of this, Pai Gow is ideal for afternoon and evening use. This marijuana strain features a flavor profile that is sweet with undertones of pine. Medical cannabis patients choose Pai Gow to relieve symptoms associated with lack of appetite, fatigue, inflammation, and stress.


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