Time Warp THCa Diamonds

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Time Warp THCa Diamonds

Buy Time Warp THCa Diamonds Online Europe – Timewarp diamond concentrates has a unique flavour profile. Tangy lemon and resinous pine flavours are accompanied by subtle earthy undertones, making these diamonds quite a treat. Timewarp is a great dessert extract and an awesome choice for when you are craving something potent but also tasty! A great way to enhance the piney undertones is to munch on a handful of nuts while smoking Timewarp diamonds. Not only will nuts positively enhance the flavour, but it will also intensify the effects of your high and give you an even higher strength experience!

This kief is derived from Timewarp or Texada Timewarp, a popular Sativa dominant strain, perfect for daytime and evening use! Named after the Island of Texada off the coast of Vancouver, this is a true West Coast Weed strain. The marijuana buds are large and frosty while providing a solid smoking experience. Starting with Sativa effects and moulding into a meditative body stone, this weed strain offers up focused energy and a somewhat creative ecstasy.

Diamonds! THC-A Diamonds to be exact. Referred to as “the world’s strongest hash” this crystalized extract is gaining some serious traction as the most potent dab on the market. At more than 99% pure THC-A, these ultra-processed little gems can range from small grains to gravel-sized pieces, and they’re definitely for experienced smokers only!


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