White Fire OG THCA Diamonds

25.00Per Gram


White Fire OG THCA Diamonds

Buy White Fire OG THCA Diamonds Online Europe – These diamonds pack a punch and are the strongest form of concentrate available, often reaching between 99%-100% potency. On it’s simplest level, these diamonds are made by extracting the non-psychoactive THCa compound from the cannabis plant, then isolating and concentrating it to create the “diamond” crystal.

Because TCHa is not psychoactive in nature, combustion is required to turn the THCa into THC, most frequently by dabbing the crystals. THCa diamonds also contain no terpenes, which is the reason many manufacturers choose to add terp sauce drizzles or coating to the diamonds. The result is a high flavored, super intense dabbing experience that is not for the inexperienced consumer, or the faint of heart.


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